Free NLP and Large Language Models Webinars

Curious as to what natural language processing is all about? Heard about LLMs but not sure where to start? Begin your generative AI journey of language with one of our monthly free webinars!

In this free workshop, get familiar with the fundamentals of large language models (LLMs), recent developments in the field, and see applied examples in code of using new cutting-edge models for different use cases.

  • Generative text with GPT
  • Synthetic media generation with Stable Diffusion
  • Transcribing audio with OpenAI’s Whisper model

Go from “zero to NLP” in just 60 minutes! See natural language processing in action in python with data acquisition, text processing, and fitting a machine learning model all in under one hour.

  • Overview of natural language processing
  • Acquiring unstructured data
  • Preprocessing text data
  • Fitting a machine learning model to text

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