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What people are saying…

Myles helped make complex topics in NLP approachable and fun. He’s an engaging instructor who shows genuine care for his students. His lessons serve as a great guide, not only for what you need to know, but for identifying what parts of machine learning are critical vs. “fluff” and hype. I’d strongly recommend taking his course, no matter your experience level.

Michael Joyce

Senior Consultant and Team Lead, Gerent

He is a great professor, and without his mentorship and guidance I would not be where I am. Myles is always excited to teach and answer questions, and takes his time to address your inquiries and guide you in the right direction. I consider myself lucky to have been his student and grateful for all the knowledge he shared.

Ariyan Nooshazar

Business Analyst, Agencia Global

Myles is a fantastic teacher, especially for newcomers to NLP. His enthusiasm for the subject shone through in every class. He had a way of explaining complex concepts into interesting and more digestible chunks that even people with no tech background could understand. I really enjoyed the live coding sessions because they made it less intimidating when working on our own.

Jennifer Ong


Myles has sound knowledge of the fundamental concepts underlying data science and LLMs. His knowledge on technical tools and practical application is immense. His courses were very well structured and they enabled me to develop a strong foundation in the data science field. I find his teachings particularly relevant and useful to me in my work today.

Vaibhav Rastogi

Senior Consultant, Advanced Analytics and Automation, CIBC


Experience a world-class and cutting-edge curriculum of courses to propel you into NLP mastery and make you ready to take on natural language processing, from fundamentals to LLMs.

Introduction to NLP and Python

Embark on your natural language processing journey using the power of Python.

Acquiring and Processing Text

Unlock the secrets hidden within text data through expert techniques in acquisition and processing.

Machine Learning for Natural Language

Learn the fundamentals behind machine learning and apply supervised models for NLP tasks.

Unsupervised Learning and Topic Modeling

Dive into unsupervised learning and emerge with the ability to extract coherent topics from unstructured text and leverage powerful text embeddings.

Deep Learning for Natural Language

Explore the world of neural networks and its applications to natural language in understanding, classifying, and generating human-like text.

Multilingual and Multimodal NLP

Break language barriers and merge modalities, applying models for translation, transcription, text-to-speech, and synthetic media generation.

Information Extraction and Entity Recognition

Learn and apply information extraction techniques for identifying people, places, organizations, and other entities in text.

Sentiment Analysis

Embrace the world of sentiment analysis, and the tools and methods for identifying and understanding the emotional content of text using machine learning.

Large Language Models and Generative Text

Explore the realm of cutting-edge LLMs and their myriad range of abilities, applications, and use cases.

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