I’m Myles Harrison, and I want to teach you the language of machine learning.

In the future we inhabit today, I believe the traditional model of education is fundamentally broken, and even that of the increasingly popular cohort-based “bootcamp” style programs is suboptimal. In order to rapidly upskill and break into the field of artificial intelligence, the needs and skills of every future practitioner are different, and so should be their learning paths. Education shouldn’t be synonymous with institutions, lectures, and assessment, but a guided process of discovery. 

My goal is to be your guide in this process of discovery. Through thousands of hours of instruction and coaching, I’ve helped transform the careers of hundreds of students from a wide diversity of backgrounds, enabling them to rapidly break into the field of data science and AI. It is my hope that I can do the same for you.

The world is changing, let’s not stand back and watch. Let’s understand what’s happening and be a part of it together.

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